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At the age of nineteen Becky Pourchot experienced an inexplicable, fleeting sense of “awakening” and ever since has been on a quest to understand  what occurred.  Two years ago, as part of that journey, Becky began a meditation practice based on the teachings of Ram Dass. To her surprise the simple act of mindful breathing has started her down a life path that is more joyful and deeply rewarding than she ever imagined possible.  Still “just a baby” on her journey, Becky continues to refine her personal practice with light hardheartedness and humor, with the hope of better understanding the ways that we can all find more joy in our lives.

Becky is the author of five paranormal/fantasy novellas and two humor books about her life. A graduate in sociology from Grinnell College, Becky now lives in Flagler Beach, Florida with her husband and three kids.

Author page: www.beckypourchot.com

Blog:  www.TheTransparentAuthor.com

Email: Becky@BrightHeartBooks.com